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I am a Realtor that is associated with a group of investors that buys many homes each year. You get a quick sale at a fair price without hassles. Do you want to sell your home quickly and at a fair price? Are you behind on your payments? Are you facing a divorce, bad tenants, or liens? They are common problems. Here is a perfect solution. My clients buy houses in any condition, price range, and area from people in situations just like yours. They can pay cash and close in as little as 9 days.

Experience and Results

Across the Tampa Bay area, Signature Realty Associates means real estate success. And much of that reputation for success can be attributed to Signature Realty Associates's professionals. Practitioners typically join Signature Realty Associates upon entering the strongest phase of their careers. They have the experience, knowledge and independence that translate into client relationships built on trust. Ze'ev "Wolf" Bar-Elhas handled in excess of $500 Million in real estate transactions. In March 1989, Ze'ev was the first Floridian ever inducted in to the Hall of Fame for selling in excess of $34 Million in Florida  Real Estate his first year with the largest real estate brokerage organization in North America. Ze'ev has consistently been one of America's Top Realtors. When it's time for you to buy, sell, lease or otherwise restructure your property interests, the options can seem endless. The amount of information needed to make a wise decision can seem infinite. Ze'ev has consistently been in the top 1% of all Realtors in America.

With Ze'ev, as your Signature Realty Associates Professional, his experience and knowledge will enable you to clearly and quickly identify a course of action that delivers maximum value to your company or to your individual portfolio. Working with Ze'ev allows you to be represented by one of America's top real estate professionals.

Regardless of your needs, Ze'ev as one of America's top practitioners, has the skills and experience needed to find the best strategy.

Ze'ev "Wolf" Bar-El, as your Signature Realty Associates Associate is your single point-of-contact to the most responsive and results-oriented team of professionals in real estate. If you are buying or selling your personal residence or an investment property, have one of America's absolute premier group of Real Estate Professionals working for you. The Ze'ev "Wolf" Bar-El Group at Signature Realty Associates.

Ze'ev #1 Realtor in Florida

Ze'ev #1 Realtor in U.S.A and
Ze'ev Inducted into Hall of Fame.

Ze'ev's Hall of Fame plaque.

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