Ze'ev gets results that are simply spectacular. I had the property listed for over one year with someone else, when I first met Ze'ev. He negotiated a short sale approval for me in a very short time, with the lender's agreement to "write off" in excess of $500,000 with BOA. Ze'ev obtained a "Deficiency Waiver" and I got my life back. I would recommended Ze'ev's services to anyone. He and his team get results!


Ze’ev made it happen for us. Ze’ev and his team negotiated approximately $465,000 in debt for our first and second mortgages down to $181,700. We satisfied our mortgage debt for less than 40% of the outstanding balance. To top it off we were fully released from both debts. The mortgage company wrote off more than a quarter of a million dollars and we have our lives back. We would recommend Ze’ev and his team of Negotiators to anyone in a pre-foreclosure situation. We know for a fact that Ze’ev is the true leader when it comes to making it happen for a seller that was underwater like us. It took a while, but we are extremely excited about what Ze’ev accomplished for us.

D. & L. Smith

Ze'ev Bar-El is truly the Short Sale Jedi! We were upside down and totally underwater on our home. He convinced our mortgage companies to write off more than $200,000 in mortgage debt. Now we do not have this showing as a foreclosure on our credit reports. He explained to our CPA how the “House Bill 3648 - the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007” worked and how through Program 3648 we were not liable for the adverse tax consequences of the debt forgiveness. Our CPA is now referring his other clients in "pre-foreclosure" to Ze'ev and his staff. We had no idea what to do about our situation until we met Ze'ev. We were so upside down with the collapse of real estate values. We are very thankful to Ze'ev and his staff. They quite literally gave us back out life. We now have hope for the future!

S. Adrian

Ze’ev and the www StopForeclosure.com Team really knows their stuff. My wife and I owed more than $435,000 in mortgage financing on our property located in Valrico, Florida. We obtained a full release of liability and Ze’ev settled the outstanding debt with Saxon Mortgage for $191,824. The Lender wrote off more than $240,000 dollars. We gave him another home to work on because he has proven that he really knows his stuff. We have our life back. Thanks Ze’ev! 

J. Calkins

We owed more than $350,000 on a vacant lot in Valrico, Florida. We were told no less than five separate times that there was nothing that we could do by others. This was a lot were construction had begun, and not completed. The Homeowners’ Association demolished what had been started and we were left owing more than $350,000 on a vacant lot. We settled the debt for less than $16,000 in cash and a zero interest promissory note in the amount of $12,000. Ze’ev was able to have the first and the second mortgages written completely off for $16,000 in cash and a $12,000 zero interest note. The two lenders accepted less than ten cents on the dollar. Ze’ev “walks on water” as far as I am concerned.

Brian B.

Ze’ev is Real Thing. I owed over $350,000 on my Tierre Verde Townhome, with Three Mortgages. Ze’ev was able to settle 100% of the debts for $89,000. He made the sale happen. Ze’ev is truly the Master when comes to Short Sales. The mortgagee was more than a bit difficult, but Ze’ev refused to give up. He made it happen for me. He was able to have the lenders write off more than $261,000 and close the sale. What he does is frankly impossible to believe, but I can assure you that Ze’ev is the real thing. If I was underwater on a home in the Tampa Bay area there is only one person I would call. Thanks Ze’ev!

Scott G.

Am am so excited above what Ze'ev "Wolf" Bar-El did for us concerning our house. We had a contract immediately, his staff negotiated the Short Sale with the Lender and we received a complete release of liability plus a $3000 relocation allowance. I sincerely wish I had called him and allowed Wolf to start the process months earlier. What a relief. Thanks Wolf.

Merle S.

Ze'ev "Wolf" Bar-El is absolutely the most knowledgeable, professional Real Estate individual I know. Our properties were all under contract within 48 hours or less, from when we called him. If you have a Short Sale property on the West Coast of Florida, he is most definitely the man to call. He has handled six (6) of our properties and we have receipt a full release of mortgage debt on each and every property. He was able to negotiate a relocation allowance on our last house for over $6000, just for signing the papers. We were underwater over 1/2 million dollars on our properties and he got us a full release of liability from all of our mortgage debt. Frankly, he is nothing short of a miracle worker. Thank you Wolf.

Kim R


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